Wellness is Not Remission……..How true is that?

I’ve spent the last 19 years trying to figure that out for myself. Living with a “chronic” form of lymphoma has given me the delightful opportunity to explore what wellness is for me. It started with researching diet, food, eating, stress and the impact on my own health. Next was the physical challenge of triathlons. Along the way lots of volunteering for wonderful organizations doing amazing things. And a ton of things I won’t bore you with. It has been a fun journey. Okay, that maybe bizarre to anyone who hasn’t gone through a cancer experience, but from my perspective, cancer was the lynchpin that set me onto a new path in my life. Thank heaven!

Friends, family, physicians and others along the way have at times thought I was a bit left of center with my whacky projects. But for me, it was challenging myself, learning something new, facing my fear, that gave me the spark, the extra juice for seeing what might be around the next corner. And I’m still exploring what is next. So many cool things to try, see, do.

That’s how I got here launching Let’s Live. An organization dedicated to igniting that spark, unearthing that buried passion, for cancer survivors. Anyone who knows they are way more than a “cancer survivor”. I don’t like that term, but that’s another discussion.

So where have you been? What have you done to keep that spark alive in your life? What new trails have you blazed along the way? I would love to hear about your journey, your adventures. Let me know. I would enjoy having company.

Until next time – Let’s Live!

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    I LOVE your website! I am soooooooo impressed!



    Thank you Reena……..its friends like you who have helped me get this far!!


    Getting a diagnosis of cancer can be devastating, but life goes on, as you know. This is a wonderful program that will help others learn that not only can live go on, but it can be a chance to make it better.



    Hi Susan,

    Congratulations on this fabulous new initiative! I just love your website and will definitely spread the word about Let’s Live. Best wishes for much continued success and I look foward to keeping plugged in to Let’s Live news.

    Warm Regards,


    Thanks Jen & Judy – I am so delighted to see your comments. And how lucky I am to be able to collaborate with you both and the entire Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation crew. An amazing and very inspiring group. Plus you always make me laugh!

  6. Marian Tracey says:

    Your message is very inspiring to everyone- even if you’ve not had a cancer experience. Lots of people need a spark to get moving in a direction that will make life more meaningful. What you do in this life really does matter. Great website! Congratulations on launching your new adventure!


    Thank you Marian – I so appreciate your love and support!!!


    Susan. I’m happy to see it’s up and running. Keep up your wonderful attitude. Love


    Thank you Aunt Georgi – there is no one who has inspired me more along the way than you……you are truly my hero. love you.


    I was diagnosed two years ago and just now coming to terms with knowing at this time there is no cure although an indolent lymphoma. I have decided to embrace my life and am in the process of training to hike the Grand Canyon on a 4 day adventure from the north rim via Phantom Ranch and out the south rim. I will be taking this hike in Sept. 2010. I am excited and a little nervous. The heat seems to be a big enemy of mine right how and I live in the hottest place on earth in the summer, Phoenix Arizona where the day temps are 116*. In September it will be hot in the canyon but I am praying my training will make this an exciting adventure to write about. Thanks for your site and for your work with CTCL.


    Hi Cathy – Wow – good for you on taking on the challenge of hiking the Grand Canyon. That is amazing and wonderful! There is something so powerful when you make that decision, like you did, to embrace your life. Please keep me posted on your adventures. You are truly an inspiration! I’m not very good in the heat myself, so I applaud you for doing your training in the heat of the Arizona summer. Can’t wait to hear how it is all going!

  12. Kathy in Missouri says:

    Hi Susan, Think this is a great idea. I have been wanting to do something for a long time just don’t know how to get started. I too have the big C and have had since 2001. I have two ideas one is to start a support group here in my area. I moved here 5 yrs ago and it is nothing like the area I came from. only 150 miles difference from there to here. This is rural part of state and had a hard time finding the right doctors. But now have a good one. There is no support groups locally and another area I’m interested in is abused women with no support this is a major area I’m interested in. I was that woman for 10 yrs. so I see it from that prospective.Guess I am looking for ideas how to get started. Have never done anything like this and want input.


    Hi Kathy. Would love to connect with you and collaborate and see what happens. I’ve actually been thinking that it would be wonderful to share the format of the Let’s Live Forum with others around the country so that there are groups for people who are interested in really living life to its fullest. Let me know the best way to connect with you. You are amazing – going through the experience of being abused and cancer – what courage and strength. I know you can touch many other people and inspire them. Let’s connect!


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