Inaugural Let’s Live Forum…Coming later this fall

A day long exploration of life beyond cancer.

It’s time to move forward!

Join us for a day designed to help you create your new path……your new life

Your choice of a variety of discussions and experiences guaranteed to inspire and intrigue you to take one step forward toward your new path. Choose up to 4 sessions from any of these 6 Tracks:

Track 1: The Basics

  • Session (1): Introduction to physical fitness. Instructor Jody Twer, Certified Personal Trainer and Gold Medal Cycling Winner, 2008 Senior Games
  • Session (2): Balancing Blood Sugar, Balance Your Life. Instructor Joanna Chodorwoska, BA,NC. Joanna will share with you tips and insights on getting started with a good nutritional program that fits into your busy life.
  • Session (3): Financing Your Dreams. Instructor Ellen Le, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Track 2: Physical

  • Session (1): Endurance Events. Instructor Steve Brown. Ever wanted to participate in an endurance event? Check out this session. Learn about triathlons, marathons, century cycling events and adventure events.
  • Session (2): Real Food vs. Real Convenient Food – Which do you choose?  You’ve got the basics handled, eating well. Now learn how to power up your nutrition in a fun, different way. Instructor Joanna Chodorowskawill introduce you to adventures in eating well.
  • Session (3): Alternative Bodywork. Instructor  Carlton Ann Daily, BFA. Learn about other ways of taking care of your body.
  • Session (4): Introduction to Orienteering.  Instructor Mark Frank, Delaware Valley Orienteering Association.  Give it a try and learn about a different way to experience the outdoors.

Track 3: Empowerment

  • Session (1): The Courage Wheel-Finding Your Strength in Invisible Places. Instructor Dale Power.
  • Session (2): The Art of Visioning. Instructor Reverend Marie Strzykalski.
  • Session (3): Focus Front and Forward: Thriving Ahead!  Instructor Sheila Kutner, Professional Certified Life Coach
  • Session (4): Finding Your PEP…Passion, Empowerment and Purpose. Instructor Cindy Giles, Professional Certified Life Coach

Track 4: Creative

  • Session (1): Learn to Sing. Instructor Julia Amisiano, Masters  in Music and Voice
  • Session (3): Men’s Roundtable. Join the guys in a discussion about moving forward and learn how they have blazed a new trail post cancer.
  • Session (3): Women Only, Instructors Marie Thibault and Dale Power

Track 5: Movement

  • Session (1): Introduction to Tai Chi. Instructor Maureen Collins, Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Session (2): Introduction to Pilates. Instructor Maureen Collins, Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Session (3): Introduction to Qigong. Instructor Debi Dunn, Integrative  Health Consultant, The Heart of Healing, Inc.

And pamper yourself by enjoying a massage or  makeover! Experts will be onsite all day long to take care of you so you can get the most out of your experience.  Make sure you request an appointment for a makeover.

There will also be information about local volunteer opportunities and other interesting, intriguing programs worth exploring.

A percentage of the proceeds from the event will be shared by two wonderful non-profit foundations:

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation ( and O.N.E.

Details:  Coming later this fall.